​Creative Reminiscence collection for care homes, day centres and lunch clubs
​Stories from a small island
​UK TOUR 2017

Workshop facilitator
Caroline Twist

​​Booking Menu
​Re miniscence Sessions
​​Cost: £50 hour, £80  1/2 day, £120 full day (plus mileage)

​Public Speaking Events/Key Note Speeches
​Cost: £150 (plus mileage)

​​Creative Care Home Consultancy
​​Cost: £50 an hour, £250 full day (plus mileage)
​*Block week bookings receive 15% discount*

Storytelling Cafes
​Cost: £80 hour, £110 1/2 day, £220 full day (plus mileage)

Storytelling Cafes Information
​(​Care Homes, Day Centres and Lunch Clubs)
Caroline Twist will bring tea, cake, objects from the 1930's - 1960's from her creative reminiscence collection, music for the record player, smell bottles and pictures to promote discussion at your special storytelling cafe.

A photo booth will also be set up to take people's portrait photograph, along with the object they would like to talk about. There will also be a chance for people to make a video blog entry which will be stored in a unique archive of reminiscences from across the UK.

An artist will accompany Caroline at the cafe, and make a piece of artwork inspired by all the stories they hear. Their work will be displayed in a national 'Stories from a Small Island' exhibition and your organisation will receive a signed print.

​​ The aim of the Stories from a small island storytelling UK tour is to:

  1. stimulate meaningful discussions.
  2. build community through the sharing of memories.
  3. Enable everyone to have an opportunity to express who they are and what is important to them.
  4. Build positive relationships between staff and  clients.
  5. be creative and have fun!
  6. ​Create a unique archive of people's memories across the uk.
  7. ​link artists and care homes.
  8. ​Inspire a future generation to work with care homes in a creative way.
  1. Toys and Games
    Toys and Games. One of the themes of the creative reminiscence workshops.
  2. Cooking and Rationing
    Cooking and Rationing. One of the themes of the creative reminiscence workshops.
  3. Make Do & Mend
    Make Do & Mend. One of the themes of the creative reminiscence workshops.
  4. Films and Music
    Films and Music. One of the themes of the creative reminiscence workshops.
I run workshops on the following themes
Cooking and Rationing    
Make do & Mend Beauty Smoking Wash day
Sweets & Treats Holidays Transport Church Trips
Films & Music  Medicine  Work Life